Why not bring Idle Hands to your event? We can supply our range of speciality coffee, pies, cakes and service to any location you need. Whether you want espresso based milky goodness, sweet single origin filters, or both. Whether you want key lime pie, salted caramel brownies, or brown butter blondies, we can cater to your needs.

Every event is different, but we'll put the same quality and attention in to each one.

 If you have an event, or just want to throw an idea at us then please send an email over to


Coffee is great. There's no excuse for making, serving or drinking bad coffee these days. At Idle Hands we try our hardest to research, learn and execute the best practices within the industry, in order to supply great coffee and keep our quality consistent.

We've passed on our knowledge and skill in various forms - from individual training, to large consultancy. Whether you want to know how to brew filters at home and fine tune your palette, or have your staff learn the secrets behind a great espresso and the science behind steaming milk, we'll be happy to help if we can.

Any enquiries, please email