When did we last speak? Like 2009 or something? Sorry for that, bad form. Promise I'll try harder to stay in touch, I don't want us to turn into "just someone I used to know", or even worse "Facebook friends".

We've had an interesting month or so. Me and Lucy got married (put that down in the pros column), went away to Italy for a little bit (also good), and Idle Hands gained a small puppy named Gus (he's alright too, he is).


We crashed back down to earth pretty sharpish on returning home to find out the works on our unit hadn't been moving nearly as quickly as they were supposed to. Lemon.

It's okay though, we had the wonderful IMBC to keep us distracted, so we headed to our storage unit to get what we needed, only to find that two weeks prior, when Manchester had rained more than it normally does, our storage unit had flooded. LEMONS. I gotta say here, a big sorry to Iwan from Blawd for being privy to my (almost) breakdown, and a big thanks to Blawd and the IMBC lot for helping us forget about it and party.

Pretty much as soon as the IMBC happy glow had begun though, the construction folk managed to extinguish it like a the birthday candles on the cake Baron Munchausen bought Gustavus*. They called me in to tell me the council have decided not to backdate our application to when we submitted because they simply didn't look at it for two months, they've extended the validation by that amount. LEMONS. So instead of the major works starting this week like we thought, it's now going to be next year. NEXT YEAR! LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS!
*ridiculous reference, sorry.


"So what about the lemonade?" you're all thinking, "You're gonna make lemonade, yeah?"

Picture the scene, it's mid 2001, a new thing called Wikipedia has launched, Foot and Mouth disease was all the rage, the music world hasn't even heard of an iPod, and a young man named Justin Timberlake is about to sing an opening line on an Nsync song that will feel incredibly relevant to a 33 year old coffee shop owner over 15 years later.

"Sick and tired of hearin' all these people talk about,
What's the deal with this pop [up] life and when is it gonna fade out?"

Dirty Pop. You guessed it much as it's pains me to say it, we're popping up. Again. LEMONADE.


Don't pretend you don't want to listen to this song right now. I've saved you the bother of searching for it. CLICK ME!

We're gonna try do this one right though. Not like our last pop-up within the barbers, but probably not quite as extensive as the Piccadilly station approach one. We've got new equipment we're dying to unleash which will make our coffee choices better than ever though, we'll have Lucy's ace cakes, aim to do a smattering of food (cowboy beans anyone?), and get this...even some seats this time.

The pop-up will be somewhere in the building of our future unit for a couple of months, it's yet to be fully figured out, but hopefully we'll be ready to go by the start of November. So stay tuned, more news on it will come thick and fast over the next couple of weeks.

If you're feeling a little underwhelmed by this after such a long wait, expecting us to be back with a bang, then I'm right there with you. But we're gonna try make the best of this frustrating situation, and we hope to see all the regular faces again.

And this isn't an admission of defeat either, we just missed being open. The new shop is definitely happening, and when I say "next year" I'm talking January/February. Let's use this as a chance to ease back in and hang out a bit before 2016 is finally laid to rest.

Thanks for reading!