"It's not goodbye, it's see you later"

...said Denzel Washington to his son as he was sentenced to prison in John Q...errrg...I promised myself i wouldn't cry...

Granted this situation isn't exactly the same, but i'll be damned if i'm missing the chance for a film quote. Anyway, it's been a long, tough, quick, friendly, frantic, up, down, hot, cold, crazy Katy Perry style year. And now our time here by Piccadilly Station is finally up. Our last day here is Friday (15th), then it's a busy weekend of packing up, scrubbing the walls, leaving no trace of the past year, returning the unit from fairytale cabbage to proverbial pumpkin.

Before we go any further I just want to use this chance to thank every single person that's ventured/stumbled/regularly burst into our temporary home from the derelict shabbysville that is Station Approach. We couldn't have existed without that and we will be forever grateful. 

Let's not drag this out though, as I can see you all welling up and we have some good news to share. It's been an 18 month search but the last 4 have been spent finalising the negotiations for our new permanent home*. So yeah, we ain't leaving you...

*I feel it's necessary to put a disclaimer in here as we know how these things work. The planning permission has gone in, and we're confident it'll all go through, but you know, sometimes computer says 'no' and delays can occur. We hope to open sometime in the summer but this mailing list is designed to keep you updated. So update it will.

So that's nice isn't it?

We'll be taking our love of coffee and our love of cakes, keeping our brew bar range and experimenting with new and exciting things more and more. And you better believe the cowboy beans will be coming with us. Hell, the beans can have their own bedroom. The changes will all be positive, we can finally settle down, build the shop we want and hopefully continue to hang out with you all. We're sorry to leave the convenience of being on the station's doorstep, but we reckon we're still close enough that we can be part of your route in and out of town. And we're extremely excited to move a little closer to what is an amazing coffee community in Manchester right now.

So that's our first mailer. I think it went well? I checked all the apostrophe's are in the right place anyway. Until next time, thanks again for following us and we hope you don't forget about us in the meantime.

I can't pull the *mic drop* off, so i'll just place it back in the mic stand.


Idle Hands Team