Good things come to those who wait....

That's what Guinness say right? Well just imagine the dum-du-dum-der-dumdrums from that advert as you read this and it'll all feel more exciting.

It's been a while since our last update, and even though the world seems to be now controlled by The Dice Man, not much has happened within our renovation plans. Unfortunately it's been more a case of waiting. And waiting. And then waiting some more. We're itching to get going and we're coiled like an old school jumping popper (you can keep your Pokemon Go thanks, I'll be happy with a piece of rubber you turn inside out and watch as it jumps off the table).

ANYWAY, we have more information now so we thought we'd pass it on to you. If you've only recently joined our mailing list, then we're currently popped up in the unit we'll be taking on before the renovations start (32-34 Dale Street in the Northern Quarter), but we will be moving out on Friday 12th August. At that point work will slowly start on the building in preparation for ourselves getting in there and building our shop. 

Unfortuntately this means we will most likely be disappearing for a couple of months. We're waiting on the planning permission to return and can't do anything till it does. A realistic time for us being open properly will be the end of October. 

So what of those two months in between? Well we'll be mainly trying not to freak out. And we're getting married ('cos hey, why not make this all even more stressful). We haven't got any plans for another pop-up at the minute, but never say never. Maybe we'll get jobs....does anyone need two super temp workers just for a couple of months? No? Thought not.

Well whatever happens, we're looking forward to finally knocking down walls and seeing that light at the end of the tunnel (top of the light well).

How long it will take us to be open is unfortunately out of our (idle) hands, but we can assure you once we are in the unit we're here to stay, and we're gonna try our hardest to make it special.

Thanks for your patience. And we'll keep you updated as things (hopefully) start to snowball.

Until Friday 12th August we'll be here serving you some tasty coffee and cake. We've got some great stuff coming in from Koppi Roasters in Sweden next week.

Dave & Lucy
Idle Hands