You must not read from the book!

Well hello there. You forgot you signed up to this didn't you? It's been a while.

I'm not sure whether this is the mailer equivalent of a big cuddly bear waking from hibernation, rubbing his big sleepy eyes and excitedly adventuring out into the beautiful spring after some much needed rest....or the earth shuddering as a naive Rachel Weisz inadvertently reanimates The Mummy. Come on, Rachel! We all know you must not read from the book!

Anyway, I guess only time will tell. So let's give you some form of information that helps disguise this as slightly important, and not just something for me to do now I've slept for three weeks straight and watched The Mummy.

Firstly we've teamed up with our buds at Trove to bring you what should be a fun day of palate development, coffee drinking and home brewing techniques. Along with some awesome food and refreshments supplied by Trove themselves. Yes.

It's taking place at Trove, in Levenshulme, on Sunday 12th June. There's more info and you can book tickets here:
And just drop me an email if you have any questions about it. 

Here is some photos that represent the kind of magically activities we'd be getting up to on the day. That one with the mini bottles is my book of aromas. For reals. I have a book of smells.

And what of our new home, I think I heard that guy at the back ask?? Well here's what...

As these things usually go, there's been some delays. The renovations needed on our building have been pushed back slightly, meaning it might be closer to the end of summer before the new shiny Idle Hands is open. NEVERTHELESS we have plans to be back serving you coffees and cakes BY THE END OF THIS MONTH. Due to the renovations being pushed back, the unit we will be taking on is currently available for temporary use. Let me be honest, we miss you guys, and we miss Idle Hands, So we've decided to team up with our friends Mr Beardmore and pop-up in the unit with them till the work needs to start. This is where you'll find us...

You can already visit Mr Beardmore there (click HERE for a google street view), but by the end of the month we should be in there too, serving coffees and cakes as we always have. It's gonna be different, but it's gonna be great. Come hang out, come get your early morning coffee, come eat cake.

Hopefully see you soon.
Idle Hands Team