Let's get ready to rubble...

Ahhh, It feels like only yesterday we ran our lease down at Station Approach to get ready to move in to our new permanent home... No it doesn't, not really, because THAT WAS NEARLY 12 MONTHS AGO.

Well apparently the landlord is on the verge of getting the go ahead to start knocking walls down and stuff. It's been a long time coming but maybe this is the start of the next chapter...?

We're still waiting on the green light and there's a few details that need ironing out, certain conditions to be met etc, but it's possible building could start next Monday...yeah you heard right, next Monday! What does this mean for us? Well of course it means we'll have to move out of our temporary space again so the building work can start, and the construction folk are estimating around a 5-6 weeks of work before we can start our fit out.

I have been reluctant to announce anything before getting definite answers, because it's possible work won't start on Monday and we've embarrassed ourselves before by assuming deadlines we'd been promised were actually real, but with the council in no rush to let us know I didn't want to risk us disappearing without giving people at least a little warning...

So before you ask we can't give a solid date for when our proper shop will be opening yet, sorry. And I've also seen enough grand designs to know that even when the building starts, nothing ever goes to plan (those windows never bloody fit). We will of course keep you all updated as work goes on. Maybe I'll go wild and start using instagram stories?

So anyway, this is very short notice but it's quite possible that our final working day here in the pop-up will be: Thursday 6th April

It could obviously be the same old story, and we get delayed once more and we're here for another week or so, but like I said, I didn't want to risk it.

We want to thank everyone who's supported us so far, we're not looking forward to disappearing again for a while, but we hope to open bigger and better, and finally be able to make a home. We'll continue to grow our relationships with roasters from around the world and of course have Lucy's cakes and pies decorating the counter.

So please come visit us here in our run-down, make-shift, shambles of a shop before we transform into the slickest operation since Disneyland invented sliced bread...Just kidding, SHAMBLES 4 LYF. But it would be nice to see some of you before our forced hiatus.

So until we've got some more news, just know that things are slowly starting to move. Here's hoping they pick up pace and we're back before you know it.

The reason we won't be open Friday is that we'd just booked a spur of the moment trip down to London Coffee Festival for the first time in a couple of years too, which even though poorly timed, we feel is worth sticking to. So maybe we'll see some of you down there, we'll be the ones who look excited, flustered and anxious all at the same time.

Idle Hands