I think it's nearly time.

Time feels like an old friend. One you constantly promise to catch up with, but there's always something that gets in the way. One little thing after another means each new scheduled date creates more and more necessity, an urgency to consolidate before you've lost all sight of what you first planned. And then there's the fear that you'll no longer be catching up, but reintroducing yourselves and covering old ground. Wasting time. Time and time again.

It's almost three years since Idle Hands began, and I think (hope) we're finally catching up with ourselves.

Apologies for the lack of updates and social media silence these last few weeks, but truth is we didn't have much to say, and I didn't want to bore you with our personal lives (we have a new baby and a dog, instagram gold I'm sure, but you've seen it all before). But here's some news for anyone that's still keeping one eye on us - we're due to get in our new unit next week!

I don't quite believe it, and my arms are raw with pinching myself, but it appears soon our lives will be back in our own hands. We'll have an empty unit, a blank canvas, a brand new home. One which will take us a while to fit out but that's happily all on us. No longer will we be waiting on other folks and sat twiddling our thumbs. We've been building this shop in our heads for years now, so we've got some big plans. It is important to note the money we had saved has been slowly dwindling away however, so we will try our best to make our new space everything we wanted, but we've already had to rein in certain aspects. Even if we are a little rough round the edges once we open, please think about what we will be and not just what we are (we'll still be pretty great though, promise).

So expect the Idle Hands PR department to be in full flow from next week. You know the type of thing; photos of DIY, close ups of new furniture (I say new, most of it has been sitting in storage for a year), paint splatters, and laughing about the obvious thing we need that we somehow completely forgot about "Where are people going to sit?! HAHAHAHAHA". Hilarious. We're gonna have a lot of fun guys, get ready.

'Til then, we're gonna enjoy the anticipation of it all before something else out of our control undoubtedly goes wrong and we can't start...