We can see clearly now the rain has gone.

Metaphorical rain obviously, this is Manchester. The rain is never gone.

Sorry this post has taken us a while. We had a rollercoaster couple of weeks, with huge lows interjected with an overwhelming show of support from friends, customers, fellow businesses and wonderful strangers, and culminating in the high of last Thursday's fundraiser. Not sure we'll ever be able to repay those involved for what they've done for us.

When you strip it back, the financial support we've received speaks for itself - this is something we did feel uncomfortable with, because like we've previously stated, there'll always be people worse off than us. But to every single person that's donated, we're eternally grateful, and you can be rest assured that every penny will be pumped back in to Idle Hands so that we can give back to you. We will strive to make our shop the space we know it can be, a space that will not only offer a day to day service but also give back to the community.

And that brings us to what we've really received the last couple of weeks, because it has really highlighted just what an amazing community we're actually in. We can't deny that we had some really dark moments. We considered selling everything to pay off debts and just calling it quits. We didn't feel like we could muster the energy to go again and it was really upsetting to commit ourselves to something that seemed destined to be over before it had ever truly begun. But that's where you guys came in. It would've been quite easy for people to just feel sorry for us, like we were feeling sorry for ourselves, and stop there. We could have all wallowed in (self-)pity and moaned about the injustice surrounding independents and big companies. But instead we were met with so many voices asking "what can we do?", and "how can I help?". And some people didn't even ask us directly, they asked each other, and then they rallied when we couldn't. That's how the GRUB fundraiser and GoFundMe page were born. And that's how we were saved. Like I mention above, the financial help is obvious, but we can't ever understate how much your support brought us back from the brink. It reaffirmed everything we put down on scraps of paper nearly three years ago, when trying to decide what we wanted out of Idle Hands. It re-energised us when we felt we had nothing left. And it gave two giant fingers to those fabled bastards trying to grind us all down. Manchester and it's surrounding cities should be proud of what they've created. Such a humbling experience. Forever, thank you.

And thats where the metaphorical rain ends. Obviously it's not all rainbows and sunshine just yet, but we're out the other side and we feel in control again. We've had so many offers for temporary space/events that our immediate future is not one of haemorrhaging money, but instead one of stopping the rot and MAKING COFFEE AND PIE! We have never missed work so much in our lives, and it feels great to be back. For those that don't know, you can find us at every GRUB (Fri-Sun) at the Mayfield for the foreseeable future. Come say hey, eat some awesome food and drink yourselves merry.

We've also had plenty of advice and help with a new property search. So far so good, it's all positive. When we know more, you'll know more, but our plan remains the same: Find a home for Idle Hands. If we can do that before the year is out then nothing has been lost but a few measly months. We can live with that.

My last few posts have been incredibly serious. Apologies for that. I know what you've all really been missing, and that's some not-too-funny, fairly irrelevant, 90's film references. So i'll leave you with this:

 "The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope....

(Because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too)."

Some of that is relevant. Right?