Thank you.

Blimey. We felt we should post something else about this before the day is out. We’ve not really known how to respond to everyone, it’s been so incredibly overwhelming to see and hear everyones support, comments and advice on the matter. We figured the best thing to do was a blanket post and cover some concerns and questions that have been raised, whilst also thanking you all as a group. You made us trend in Manchester, ha. You wonderful people. For a second I thought my dress sense was finally paying dividends, but Lucy informs me crumpled shirts and coffee stained Vans will never be trendy.

Anyway, I’ll cover some things we’ve seen people raise…

The legal side. Unfortunately we can’t argue with the termination. It’s hard for us to talk about this too much, but it’s not a case of us signing something we didn't read properly, or them terminating illegally. We have representation, we have avenues that can be pursued, and thank you for the offer of help regarding this, but understandably we’d like to keep this side private until we’ve sorted everything on our side.

This takes us to our next point. There’s been a lot of calling for naming and shaming, but quite honestly that’s not what our post was about. We’re not in this to get ugly or start a war. We are extremely disappointed with some actions by some people, but it’s not as cut and dry as attacking anyone online. So now is not the time for that, not sure it helps anyone.

Another thing we’ve been asked is about crowd funding. We really appreciate everyone who's got in touch about this, the kindness of other can be unreal at times. It’s something we’ve definitely considered, and we are thinking strongly about. However, we’d really like to get a plan of action together before anything like this takes off. The most important thing for us is that people would be funding an actual project, something they can see their money go towards and interact with at a later date. Something we believe in, that others do too. We wouldn't want this to just be charity for some people struggling financially, because in that respect we know there will always be people worse off than us.

Finally we want to say that our initial post was always about two things - firstly letting everyone know our situation as way of an apology. We’ve been trying to open our shop for so long, we were embarrassed about what we saw as yet another failure. So hearing everyone's lovely comments means the world. Thank you. And secondly, we were hoping there would be someone out there who could maybe help, by way of premises, contacts or general advice. Again, it's been overwhelming. After this weekend we felt aimless, not really knowing what to focus on. You know the feeling - you can’t see the end so you don't know where to start. Now we have some leads, some meetings, but more importantly we know we have many, many friends out there willing to help. We can't thank you enough for that.